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I turned antisocial because everyone I’ve met ever since I was 17 has been shit. Nothing is ever interesting and communication is dead. I’m not nice because why should I be? I’ve been way too nice and have always gotten the shit end of the stick. Even when I try to be nice someone or something gives me a reason to completely change my mood and the way I come off. No one is naturally mad. I’m just filled with hate. Everyday I always expect the worst since that always happens. Regardless of what I attempt to do it never goes out the way I planned. Nothing gives me hope for that exact reason. I want things to get better I really do but right now that’s not going to happen. 21 going to be 22 and I still live with my parents and can’t even afford 75% of the things I need in life. I’m always two steps behind from everyone else. I was meant to fail.

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